[scribus] Lets talk about character styles

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 1 15:33:33 CEST 2011

On 04/01/2011 04:33 AM, Cezary Grabski wrote:
> I have an idea how to change this without big code rewriting.
> Lets add for character styles attribute "only changes" with checkbox in Styles
> Manager to set.
> If that checkbox is set all form items are set to 0 or empty but grayed out
> (no disabled, just grayed), values with set some values are bolded to
> indication that these values will be applied.
> In addition character styles with with option set cannot be used in other
> paragraph and char styles as base style and cannot be based on other styles,
> so if such style is used somewhere as a base for other style checkbox should
> be disable (with tooltip why), also styles with this option set should not be
> included in styles available as base for other. In style list such style
> should be listed with italic font or with gray color (whatever for indication
> that it is other kind of character style).
> Other story is applying such char styles for text - I dont try to implementing
> this till now and I dont know how difficult it will be.

It might be worth considering Character Styles as a modification of some 
pre-existing Paragraph or Character Style.

As you say, a new Character Style would just modify what already exists, 
and only the parameters in the new Character Style. Thus, it one would 
need to specify an order in which they are applied:

1. Paragraph Style
2. Character Style A (only changes color)
3. Character Style B (only stretches width of letters)

However, things like font may not work that way -- bold and italics are 
different font metrics, not something applied to an existing set of metrics.


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