[scribus] Importing OpenOffice ODT files using Scribus API

Christophe Amerijckx c.amerijckx at nirond.be
Fri Apr 1 14:19:30 CEST 2011


unfortunately, there is no such command in the API and I have no idea 
how to add such a command. I am afraid it would take me way too much 
time to try implementing such a thing.

Just a few word about the reason I would need this. Every period of 
time, we have to write a report. The first part doesn't change that 
much. The second part part consists of hundred of sheets describing what 
we have in stock. Part of these sheets are coming from ODT documents 
(describing the product), other parts are characteristics, others are 
numbers coming from a database. I've been able to generate everything 
automatically with scripts except the import of the ODT file and having 
to do it manually would be a pity...



On 31/03/2011 15:13, a.l.e wrote:
> hi christophe
>> There is a way in Scribus to import an OpenOffice ODT file in a text
>> frame using GetText when a text frame is selected.
>> For some reason, I would like to automate the import of several
>> OpenOffice ODT files inside a scribus document using the Scribus API.
>> However, I didn't find any command in the API allowing me to do what
>> the GetText is doing (I tried importPage but it seems it doesn't
>> support the ODT file since Scribus crashes...).
> i guess that importPage is for importing pages from a .sla...
> getText returns the text in the frame...
> i wonder if there is already a loadText()... can't check it, now...
> it's not probably hard to add... but somebody has to do it :-)
> ciao
> a.l.e
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