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Chris Cordner Chris.Cordner at northernrail.org
Tue Sep 28 16:37:17 CEST 2010

Good Afternoon

I am having a problem creating a form in Scribus.

The form contains a table with various columns, but the three key columns are quantity, price and total. I need the user to be able to type in a quantity, with the form to then multiply this by the price to get the total. I can do this, I can even sum the totals to create a grand total.

The problems is what I want to do is to have a check-box which when ticked will change all the prices (and any totals that have already been calculated). This kind of works, but Scribus doesn't refresh the formulae until one of the quantities is changed.

What am I doing wrong?

Incidentally, the total field needs to be left blank if you don't edit it, so it can be printed off and completed manually if necessary.


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