[scribus] Color Profiles Not Shown.

Jim Ford jaford at watford53.freeserve.co.uk
Sat Sep 25 11:59:12 CEST 2010

On 9/25/2010 12:26 AM, John Culleton wrote:
> On Friday 24 September 2010 19:37:54 Christoph Schäfer wrote:
>> On Friday 24 September 2010 18:52:19 Jim Ford wrote:
>>> The only colour profiles shown in Scribus ( and 1.3.8)
>>> are the 'original' ones that came with Windows XP. The ones I
>>> created for my monitor and printer are not shown, and therefore
>>> I'm unable to select them.
>>> Does anyone know what the problem might be, please?
>> Profiles for inkjet printers don't work in Scribus, at least not
>> yet.
>> Where did you try to select your monitor profile and where is it
>> stored?
>> Christoph
> I never try to print from Scribus. I save the file as pdf and print 
> that from acroread. I never have a problem. On my Linux system 
> Acroread can access either my b/w laser or my Epson inkjet, using Cups 
> and a hardware switch. 

I'd actually prefer to use Linux, but my current Linux installation is
running as a vm with Virtualbox on Windows XP. The XP Scribus is slow
enough as it is on my slowish machine, and it would be worse running in
a vm.

As my monitor is calibrated, images on the screen are pretty accurate.
Scribus can't use my inkjet profiles, therefore I can't pass the
profileling information to the printer, and if I export to a PDF, again
the profiling information doesn't get embedded in the file.

Is there any way I can get my inkjet profiles passed to my printer?


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