[scribus] Materials for a talk about Scribus

John Jason Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Wed Sep 22 18:45:31 CEST 2010

I have long participated in a local LUG. We have two meetings each
month where we have someone speak on an aspect of open source software.
It has come to the attention of several of my friends in the LUG that I
know more about Scribus than anyone else in the group. Therefore, it
has been suggested that I give a talk for an hour and a half or so on
Scribus. I begged off until at least November, but I need to start
planning what to say. 

The audience is composed of Linux users, mostly advanced, but with some
newbies. Their work and interests include database management, system
administration, hardware engineering, web site management, and most of
the other things you'd find in a Linux user group. Several have
published books and are familiar with TeX and its family. A couple have
used Scribus, although not for anything more complex than a flier. And
there are even a couple who are familiar with InDesign.

If anyone has given such a talk in the past I would appreciate it if
you could share whatever you have. Even an outline would give me a
starting point. I am thinking that handouts demonstrating what Scribus
can do would be useful. And I have ordered a copy of the manual, even
though I was planning on holding off until the 1.4 version. But most of
the audience will not have their computers with them, so I can give a
talk to demonstrate Scribus, but not a class to teach them how to use
it. The meetings are held in a university classroom with projector and
internet connections.

Any suggestions are welcome. 

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