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On Wednesday 22 September 2010 07:24:56 a.l.e wrote:

> echo("well, we have settled long ago that on this list everybody
> can use the language she prefers...\n");
> die('ciao'."\n".implode(".", array('a','l','e')));

Cute, but my system does not have the program or script "die". 

Many years ago (before Linux) I bought a *nix-like OS called 
"Coherent." It had the best manual I have ever seen for an OS. Google 
on "Coherent Manual" in quotes and maybe a cheap copy is still 
available. I still look up bits of *nix arcana like sed etc. on its 

Another decent and free source for Slackware is the downloadable pdf
"Slackware Linux Essentials." I downloaded it and a relative who works 
in the printing trade made two wirebound copies, one for him and one 
for me. 

There may be other distribution-specific guides around. No single one 
will cover everything. 

Our local branch of the public library has some books on Linux that 
may be worth borrowing.

Each Linux distribution is different but the standard utilities like 
sort, grep, ls, diff vim etc. work the same on most of them. The plain 
ASCII file is the common language for all of them. 
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