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Wed Sep 22 10:42:24 CEST 2010

Þann þri 21.sep 2010 20:43, skrifaði Robert Marma:
> Hi all,
> Again, I realize that this forum is devoted primarily to
> Scribus users and their problems, but I was hoping to get
> help with two additional problems:
> Has anyone in the group had any experience with media
> players in openSUSE?  I could get neither Banshee nor
> Totem--the default Gnome media players--to play ANY of my
> video files.  Then I recalled having used VLC in Windows
> a few years ago, and decided to check out their web site.
> Being a Newbie, I wasn't sure about the installation
> procedure, but tried downloading their latest RPM, and
> the package installer took care of the rest.  To my utter
> amazement, VLC played EVERY video file format perfectly,
> except for my .mov files, which it also played, but in a
> jumpy, hesitating fashion.
Bob Marma  [ Scribus
> "Newbie" and Linux "Newborn" ]
This is a bit OT for the Scribus list, but I hope people
don't mind.

I'm using KDE on OpenSuse, but I don't think that matters:

(1) I have already responded that you should activate both
Packman and VideoLAN (VLC) repositories:
(and the before-mentionned mrdocs repo for Scribus ;-)

Once setup and refreshed, you'd search for packages
containing 'codecs', there's a bunch you may not be
interested in but if you don't mind using 'non-free' stuff
you should at least install w32codec-all (and its 64bit
counterpart if you run 64bit system). There are other
w32codec packages with more limited set of codecs.

To decently play .MOV files you could install
RealPlayer/Helix or simply the libquicktime0 package but I
think VLC should handle it if set up from the VideoLAN repo
(which contains several additional/advanced packages you'd
not get by installing from a single .rpm. The VideoLAN repo
also contains libdvdcss which renders your DVD-drives immune
to regional restrictions - using it is illegal in some parts
of the world!).

You may also be interested in programs like MPlayer, a
heavy-duty media player which can be run 'headless' from
command-line/scripts. Actually I use more its (included)
alter-ego MEncoder to re-encode/repair videos via scripts or
the QVideoConverter GUI. Very neat to rotate video files
from compact cameras (yes, some people shoot videos in
portrait mode...).
MPlayer/MEncoder play/encode about anything if the codecs
exist on your system.

Hope this is of some help,

Sveinn í Felli

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