[scribus] Thanx for replies to `I FINALLY MADE THE PLUNGE"

Robert Marma robert_marma at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 20 20:18:17 CEST 2010

Carl Symons, Joe Zeff, Sveinn ? Felli, Jim Ford, AND anyone else kind enough to 

First of all, let me make it clear that it is not my intention to trigger a 
`Linux distro' flame war, and I sincerely hope this won't turn out to be the 
case.  Indeed, your comments thus far have been cordial, accommodating, and very 
instructive.  Thank you all soooooo much.  It's just that I'm beginning to 
develop a sense of just how enthusiastic and defensive some people can get 
regarding their favorite Linux distros.  I suppose I could easily become this 
way myself once I begin to navigate around openSUSE and the bash kernel, which I 
fear is a long way off.  [It certainly makes MS-DOS look crude!]  Also, I 
realize that the primary purpose of this forum is to discuss SCRIBUS issues, not 
LINUX.  I have presumed to impose upon your collective knowledge and experiences 
because I'm convinced that, at least in my case, these two issues are not 
entirely unrelated.

Anyway, I'm glad that I appear to have made a good choice of distros, although I 
believe it was Jim Ford who mentioned, in his last thread, the ease of 
installing software in Xubuntu.  Although I have no intention of abandoning 
openSUSE at this time, I must confess that this feature, in itself, is a very 
compelling reason to switch, and I would appreciate anyone's comments about it. 

So I'll try to install Ghostscript and Scribus in openSUSE--as I have on my 
Windows systems--and play around with it a little.  Although I haven't done much 
with it lately, I hope to use Scribus to produce a bi-monthly newsletter for a 
ministry.  I already use it for personal projects, such as laying out greeting 
cards for family members.  Yes, I realize that this is overkill, but Scribus 
DOES produce a great-looking card, AND it exports beautiful PDFs for printing.  
Lately, I've actually begun attaching ScribusPDF output files to emails and 
delivering them that way, especially since the cost of ink-jet cartridges for my 
HP 970 CSE printer has skyrocketed, and I'm retired and living on a fixed 

Thank you all, again, for your advice, and I'll try to keep you posted 
concerning my progress.

Bob Marma


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