[scribus] Usage of 'bugs.scribus.net'

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Sep 13 01:04:24 CEST 2010

hi peter,

> > well, it should  be possible to look by OS. if a bug is platform
> > specific, most of the time this field is field. the other ones are
> > mostly not.
> Yeah, thought so. But you can't usefully search for OS as it's values
> are completely free. Is there any chance to at least suggest (I won't
> demand "enforce") useful values for OS using Mantis? And to offer
> this values for search as well? Right now you have to create
> different profiles in your account, one for each OS string you want
> to use in search ...

no idea if it is possible to configure mantis that way and -- most of all -- migrate the thousands of existing entry to a new system.

however, if your bug only relates to "os x" you can choose os x as a category...

> > when i look for bugs i mostly just put one or two well chosen
> > keywords in the search field and than manually skim through the few
> > dozen (or less result) to see if there are any matching
> That's my problem: what are the correctly chosen keywords? First
> there's the "language barrier". I know what so search for in German.
> How is it called in English?

yep, that's a problem.

in my experience, though, typing the simplest word is most of the time the most efficient way to solve this.

if you are looking for a bug about a disappearing properties palette, you may just look for "properties"...

you can also switch on the fly the scribus GUI language to find out what the german terms are called in english...

> OK. Haven't seen it as complexity, but OTOH I've just evaluated on my
> POV. Guess there's more to take into account and if there are no
> conventions, which might be for good reasons, I can live with that
> fact. Just wanted to have asked instead of dying stupid :-)

well, i guess that the convention is "there is no stupid question"... even if sometimes it's hard to accept that that question is really not a stupid one!


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