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   Name: Chris Cordner
   Email Address: chris.cordner at northernrail.org
   Subject: Scribus Forms

I am trying to build a form in Scribus, that will be an editable PDF.

In short, it is a booking form, with lots of different types of tickets. I  
have done this using text boxes to make a table.

In the first column, you specify how many of each type of ticket you need. In  
the second column is the price of each kind of ticket. In the third column,  
is the total for each type of ticket, with a final box at the bottom giving  
the sum of the third column as a grand total.

I also have a check box, which when ticks automatically discounts all the  
fares by 20%. This all works, but if you have filled in the table and then  
'tick' or 'untick' the check box, the values in the third column don't update  
until you change one of the values in the first column.

Any ideas?


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