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Rolf-Werner Eilert eilert-sprachen at t-online.de
Tue Sep 7 11:39:48 CEST 2010

Am 06.09.2010 22:57, schrieb Gregory Pittman:
> On 09/06/2010 04:04 PM, Rudolf Vavruch wrote:
>> Submitted on 09/06/2010
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>> Submitted values are:
>> Name: Rudolf Vavruch
>> Email Address: vavruch at gmail.com
>> Subject: Making PDF smaller
>> Message:
>> Hi, I'm sending this from the contact form on scribus.net.
>> My friends and I are making an online magazine, you can view the first
>> issue here: exhibitmag.co.za. The second issue is complete but for one
>> problem - as a PDF it's too big. I've tried various methods of exporting
>> it but nothing gets it looking good unless it is around 400MB. My friend
>> took this PDF opened it in Illustrator and when closing it, it asked him
>> if he wanted to remove superfluous data (or something similar),
>> bookmarks and other things. It then compressed the file down to 40MB!
>> But I've noticed one problem, occasionally some of the text is messed up.
>> Is there anyway I can compress the generated PDF without dropping image
>> resolution and keeping all the text as is?
>> I am using ScribusNG 1.3.5 - that comes with Linux Mint 8 Helena.
> Hi Rudolf,
> Try these:
> http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/Shrinking_a_PDF_from_the_command_line
> http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/Web_optimised_PDF
> What these involve is conversion to PS then back to PDF.
> Greg

Just thought I'd try that first one, but this is what came out:

myfile.pdf:         2660277
myfile.ps:          354513891
myshrunkenfile.pdf: 72428732

That means, the "shrunken" file is actually bigger than the original one.

Any idea?



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