[scribus] Anyone make full page calendars without an image in Scribus?

Bill208 repubo at gmail.com
Sun Oct 31 04:20:40 CET 2010

Duane G Canaday wrote:
> I was surprised there was no option in the Calendar Creator to create
> either a full page one month with no image or a 12 month calendar with
> no image.
> Thank you,
> Duane
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I've used CalendarWizard on Ubuntu 10.4 and I assume that's the script
you've been using. If so, make a calendar without "make image box" selected.
Drag around the calendar portion below the box CalendarWizard creates, from
Edit select Copy, from File select New and paste the calendar into the new
page; clean-up/re-size the calendar as necessary with Properties from the
Windows menu.

Another option for you if you use Inkscape ( http://inkscape.org/ ) is to
download a Postscript pre-made monthly calendar from this site:


Scroll about halfway down the page to the section titled 'Pre-Generated PCAL
PostScript Monthly/Yearly Calendars'. As a test I opened the 2011 calendar
and saved the .PS file. If you try to import the file directly into Scribus,
Scribus will stack all the months on one page in one layer. Instead, use
Inkscape to open the saved PS file and Inkscape will allow you to open each
month individually and save each as a separate PS file which can then be
opened in individual pages in Scribus. Once again you'll need to go to
Window/Properties in Scribus to do any cleanup or precision re-sizing.

Hope this helps!

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