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Nikita Sagl nikita.s at gmx.at
Fri Oct 29 13:22:07 CEST 2010

Hello Peter

It already took a lot off effort to get a CMS running on my
Linux-Desktop (and to understand the whole CMS-background myself). And,
as programs I use are able to handle it, I do use it. 
Dont like to go back to pre-CMS times, although I understand that an
experienced graphical designer was and is able to handle programs and
CYMK-color mixes very well without a CMS.

Thank you for the inkscape tip, I already had a look on it, lets see, if
I'll finally do my work in inkscape.
The point was, that i used OOdraw rather like a layout program than a
drawing application (or a t least as a mixture of both), thats why I
came to Scribus.

In fact the one thing i really miss at the moment in Scibus (but might
find out that there is a solution) is the ease to place graphical
objects/pictures and do fast copy and past of one object on one single
For example I use about 70 times the same little cherries picture on one
page for a algebra working-card. 
This is done fairly quick in OOdraw, with scribus at the moment it seems
to take a lot more time. (But as I wrote, I might find a solution for
this, or find out, that i can do this quite fast in Scribus too).

Well, but I still would like to get some answer to my first question ;-)
Liebe Grüße,

Am Freitag, den 29.10.2010, 12:10 +0200 schrieb Peter Nermander:
> > I'm still not sure, whether I might go back to use OOdraw, because some
> > tasks are just easier to do, but for ColorManagement-reasons,
> > pdf-possibilities, accuracy and so on I hope I can do it with Sribus in
> > the end.
> What are the reasons for needing CMS? Color Management is hard to get good.
> You might be better off using CMYK colors and defining colors by
> numbers (to get them printed right), then it doesn't matter how they
> look on screen.
> That's the way Pantone (and similar) colors have been used for a long time.
> Also, Scribus isn't exactly a replacement for OO Draw, maybe you
> should have a look at Inkscape too.
> /Peter
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