[scribus] sla extension

Owen rcook at pcug.org.au
Thu Oct 28 12:13:11 CEST 2010

> Hi
> I understand that 1.3.5 and (the current latest stable
> release) apparently have incompatible file formats so I am just
> wondering if there ever was a discussion about a "stable" .sla
> extention and a development .sl_something file extension
> I have not tested it but apparently 1.3.5 opens 1.3.3.x files but
> modifies them - is there a warning when it happens so that users can
> create a backup copy under 1.3.3.x ?

Basiclly a higher number release of Scribus will be able to open an
sla file made with a lower number release. See http://goo.gl/Cgrp

A lower number release, like 1.3.x will not open a higher number
release, like 1.5.0

The only way to sort of get round this is copy your work to the
scrapbook and then bring it back in.

Naturally you lose a lot of the layout.

Can't tell you about a warning being issued, that certainly was the
case. What happened when you tried it?

Modification is unlikely to occur to the original file unless you
write to the original file, ie, save it. Save it under a different
nameto avoid this problem.


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