[scribus] Scribus Crashes

Ian "Witty" Whitfield editor at federalsaints.net
Tue Oct 26 15:21:01 CEST 2010

Thanks Guys

In reply to your comments on the Scribus Crashes I'm getting - (and just 
this morning I've had three more in just one Text Box!!!!)

Owen I think you have a good idea here with your 'Don't edit text in 
Scribus' reply. Yes I know it SHOULD work, (has done for the past year 
or more), but in 1.3.8 it FAILS!! Fact!! The other aspect I like about 
this "workround" is that I now have a spell checker available. A major 
omission in Story Editor in my books. After all any little box on the 
Internet that you have to write in has an underlying Spell Checker so it 
isn't Rocket Science and after all we are using this software for doing 
Publications and Spell Checking is a major component of this in my 
World!! I'm moving my editing to LibreOffice as from today!!

Craig asks for more details - well I'm sorry Craig I have no idea where 
to get these from. I've told you all I know and see. Everything else on 
my system works fine. All the other software works OK and I have almost 
no other crashes.... just from Scribus!! Being a user of Linux for just 
over a 18 months I know I have a lot to learn yet and I think there 
would be logs somewhere but I have no clue on where these would be. Tell 
me and I can try and find them. When Scribus crashes here there is no 
other message or details on the screen - it's just 'gone'!!

Last of all to Dan, thanks for advising that you have seen this problem 
reported on other Forums.... I think this has to point to an underlying 
problem in Scribus rather than in the System.

Thanks guys.... it all helps.
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