[scribus] Looking for help to redesign KDE e.V. quarterly report

Rob Oakes lyx-devel at oak-tree.us
Fri Oct 22 19:23:43 CEST 2010

> Could you post the old report to see what work is done and what should be done for the future.
> As i don't know this report i could not imagine what to do and if i have the time to help.

Attached you can find the most recent version of the report.

I pulled it off of the KDE e.V. website yesterday (mostly out of curiosity).  Though I contacted the original poster yesterday with some thoughts about how it might be modified, I haven't heard back.  I even took a stab at redesigning the document.

As a dabbler in design, I would be interested to hear what the assorted professionals here would recommend.

As I understand, the audience for the publication are potential contributors to the KDE project.  This includes developers, corporate partners, and enthusiasts who are interested in the progress of the KDE desktop.

* As a first pass, I would recommend modifying the body font to a serif or a lighter sans-serif.  (Possibly to Linux Libertine, mostly because I think it's a beautiful typeface that works in modern, professional documents.)

* I would also modify the footer and move the legal copy to a location near the back of the publication.  It's important, but only needs to appear once.  The publication details could be combined into a single block at left, and the website page numbering combined at right.  I would also typeset the entire footer in a less prominent typeface.  Right now, it feels like the focus of the document.

* Finally, I would modify the headings to use the same sans-serif typeface that KDE uses on its website (I think that its Liberation Sans) in order to unify the appearance of the web and print materials. (I would also lose the blue/gray background.)   Bonus points would be awarded for using the brand colors in rules and maybe the dark blue as a heading color.

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