[scribus] Serach and replace does'nt override styles

Rasmus Erlandsson rasmus.erlandsson at gmail.com
Fri Oct 22 13:18:58 CEST 2010

Hello every body! This is the first time i sen to a list so please forgive
me if i make any terrible misstakes.

I wan't to make all numbers in my text one point smaller then whats set in
the style i use. (9 pt Times New Roman instead of 10) I can do this manualy,
but when i use the "search and replace" function i don't get any results.
The program tells me that changes has been done, but nothing has really
happen. It's pretty time consuming to change all numbers manualy. :-/

Is there any way to solve this, or is it a bug that the serach and replace
function doesn't overide styles?


Rasmus Erlandsson
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