[scribus] single folded brochure format (?)

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Oct 21 16:43:56 CEST 2010

hi greg,
> Make a 4-page US letter document in landscape orientation. This will 
> in the end product result in 2 sheets of paper printed on both sides.
since this does not match my personal experience, i dare to ask you if 
you already have produced "brochures" that way?

personally, i have tried it: i was using a4 landscape for the howto's 
i'm producing, but i gave up on it. it's too cumbersome to keep on 
thinking how the page will look when printed. and -- at the end -- the 
pages didn't feel right.
most of all for the first and last page.
the text flow was also a bit awkward. nothing impossible to manage, but 
i felt uncomfortable with that workflow.

my solution -- for the 4 pages howto's -- currently is:
- do it in a5
- impose it in a a4 landscape scribus document

there is a step more at the end of the process, but the whole brochure 
is much easier to create.

i see here a difference with the threefold brochure, where one has to 
keep an eye on how the landscape page at the end will look like.
on the contrary, in the case of an a5 brochure, you only have it as a5 
in your hands...

now, i'm interested in the reasons to keep on doing the other way...


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