[scribus] single folded brochure format (?)

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 21 00:25:53 CEST 2010

On 10/20/2010 02:00 PM, a.l.e wrote:
> hi tom
>> Greetings - I need to make a brochure based on letter sized paper,
>> with a single vertical fold. I'm surprised to not see this in the
>> basic formats (nor FAQ), so maybe I'm just thinking about it wrong -
>> how should I go about setting this up?  Double-sided appears to be
>> the full page, while 3- or 4-fold would be too many folds.
>> I expect the final result to be two double-sided printed pages, so the
>> "brochure" will actually be 8 pages (including covers)
>> am I supposed to set it up as double sided, then change the
>> (logical?) page width to 4.25" instead of 8.5"?
> create it as 1/2 letter and than use one of the apps listed in the wiki>  howto>  imposition to put them together or use acrobat reader to print it as a booklet.

For something this small, you can even do a built-in "imposition" with 
the creation of the Scribus document.

Make a 4-page US letter document in landscape orientation. This will in 
the end product result in 2 sheets of paper printed on both sides.

One sheet will have page 8 on the left, page 1 on the right, and on the 
opposite side page 2 on the left, page 7 on the right. Sheet two will 
have page 6 on the left, page 3 on the right, and on its opposite side 
page 4 on the left, page 5 on the right. You will not be able to do 
automatic page numbering, of course.

As you create content, even if you don't want page numbers, it will help 
to have some temporary ones on the half-pages so you keep any necessary 
linking straight.

When you get ready to print, presuming you're doing it yourself, print 
pages 8&1, 6&3, then flip the paper over for the opposite sides. If 
you're doing this from Adobe Reader you might have the sequence going 
8&1, 2&7, 6&3, 4&5, so you could first print "odd" pages, then "even" 
pages. If you have a duplex printer, it's even easier.

Of course, once you have this you could save as a template and reuse later.


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