[scribus] Scribus Versions

Ian "Witty" Whitfield editor at federalsaints.net
Tue Oct 19 12:26:32 CEST 2010

Many thanks to a.l.e. and Greg

That kind of sorted things out for me and it makes much more sense now!!

I'm using 1.3.8 as my main version and will stay with that line until we 
get to the 'magic' 1.4!!

It's a GREAT program - I've been using it since Jan this year and have 
produced 10 copies of my Journal with it so far. I do see a couple of 
things that need to be fixed and have a couple of "user suggestions'" 
and must send these in sometime.

Thanks again for the clarification.
>  hi
>> I would love to get some clarification on the various versions of 
>> Scribus. I see a plethora of version numbers thrown around and even 
>> went onto the Net to see if I could work it out. All I got were MORE 
>> version numbers!!
>> I see 1.3.x;; 1.3.4; 1.3.5; 13.8; 1.4 etc and then various 
>> letters or names after the numbers (ie svn, stable etc). I find this 
>> most confusing!
>> Can someone sort this all out for me? And explain it in detail. There 
>> seems to be different development tracks.

*/_Ian "Witty" Whitfield _/*


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