[scribus] Scribus Versions

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 18 14:12:08 CEST 2010

On 10/18/2010 06:15 AM, Ian "Witty" Whitfield wrote:
> Hi All
> I would love to get some clarification on the various versions of
> Scribus. I see a plethora of version numbers thrown around and even went
> onto the Net to see if I could work it out. All I got were MORE version
> numbers!!
> I see 1.3.x;; 1.3.4; 1.3.5; 13.8; 1.4 etc and then various
> letters or names after the numbers (ie svn, stable etc). I find this
> most confusing!
> Can someone sort this all out for me? And explain it in detail. There
> seems to be different development tracks.
> I currently have 1.3.8 as my main version on Kubuntu 10.04 and I also
> have on my Mint 9 KDE Box but I see the formats between
> these two are not common!! On that subject can I convert a 1.3.8 file
> back to the format?

You will be happier and less likely to be frustrated if you at least use 
Scribus versions from the same series. You cannot load a 1.3.8 file into 
1.3.3.x series, and there is no conversion available. The cumbersome 
"workaround" is to copy content to the scrapbook, then use in 1.3.3.x.


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