[scribus] Ubuntu menu problem

J Brown inisfad at vodafone.ie
Sat Oct 16 20:08:33 CEST 2010

Ken Moffat wrote:
> I am running Ubuntu 10.04 with ScrubusNG 1.3.5. When I pull down the
> "Insert" menu and choose "Shape", there are 5 choices, but those menu's,
> when opened, show only blank items, no shapes, although the menu items are
> there and can be selected. Is there a font or something I need to install to
> see those choices?
> Thanks,
This might work different in my Scribus (1.3.3), but I click on insert 
then shape, then use the cursor to make size of frame wanted.  Then I 
right click on the frame and choose properties.  In properties there is 
a shape box.  I click on shape, and get a drop down menu of the 
different shapes.  Click on the one you need and it is inserted in your 

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