[scribus] Properties Palette not appearing

John Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Sat Oct 16 18:52:04 CEST 2010

On Saturday 16 October 2010 11:31:13 Jacqueline Z Mackenzie wrote:
> OK. I'm brand new to DTP, but I've been surfing since the Internet
> began.
> I tried f-2 and windows>properties. I assume like the view palette
> in Word it would appear on the page or like the $40 Scribus Manual
> I bought shows on page 16. I made the new page as big as the whole
> monitor and nothing. How do I get the palette to appear?
> Thanks,  Jacquie

There's a trick to it :<) Actually several little tricks. The people 
who write manuals sometimes forget to emphasize these tricks. (There 
is a trick to manual writing too.) Scribus doesn't display the color 
palette continuously like some other software. You display it when you 
need a color. 

To choose a particular color palette initially you first open Scribus 
WITHOUT a document loaded. Just cancel the New Document window.

Then you choose Edit->Colors to get to the palette menu. Then you 
choose which palette you want. You can then scroll through the colors 
for familiarization purposes.  You can also create your own special 
colors. I use the Scribus Open Office (CMYK) palette. 

This palette choice and any special colors you create are persistent 
until you change them using the same method. This method of choosing a 
palette is the same in 1.3.8 and the experimental version 1.5.0. I 
have both and need both.

Once you have picked out a color palette you are ready to use colors. 
For any frame you get to the overall Frame menu by RIGHT clicking on 
the frame. This is the first step.

Next, for a text frame you click the Edit Text tab in the Frame menu 
and then highlight the text. You use the paint bucket icon to get a 
drop down list of colors. Select one for the highlighted text. 

For a Graphics frame background you right click, then go to the 
Properties subscreen (last choice) and then select the color tab on 
the bottom. You get the same drop down menu of colors. 

Don't assume that Scribus will work the same as MSWord, or Open Office, 
or Inkscape, or Gimp, or Krita. Scribus works like Scribus. There are 
tutorials that are helpful.

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