[scribus] Printing alignment

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Oct 13 19:33:55 CEST 2010

hi jane

this forum -- the scribus mailing list -- is the right one for you :-)

> Thank you for your responses to my query.  I am sorry, I am quite a
> new Scribus user, and cannot seem to find a way to reply to your
> responses on any type of public forum.  Is there one for me to post
> to?  In answer to the previous suggestions,  my page is set up as
> A4/landscape, both with Scribus and my printer.  I have received
> other suggestions from others advising to print from Acrobat reader,
> export to another program, etc. etc.  This all seems to make Scribus
> quite unusable.  Are there any other suggestions?  It would appear
> that Scribus is not communicating properly with my printer (even
> though all my other programs are). Frankly, I do not want to be
> compelled to revert to Windows Home Publishing. Thanks very much!

you should try to produce a PDF and print from acrobat.

you can start acrobat and open the PDF file you have generated and keep it open.

as soon as you generate a new PDF, you can tell acrobat to reload the file.

then you have a good preview, can reliably print to your home printer and are sure that you have a good PDF which you can bring to a print shop and let print.

it might seem a bit cumbersome, but first creating a PDF *is* a good idea!

have a nice evening

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