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On Thu, 2010-10-07 at 18:32 +0000, Julia wrote:
> Can you please tell me what Scribus is and if it is a suitable program
> for  
> the project that I need to complete?

Scribus is a desktop publishing program.  You can look at it as being a
computerized version of using scissors and glue to attach pictures and
text to sheets of paper.

You place boxes (frames) on the page where you want to put something,
and then you put that something (either text or a graphic) in that box.
You can then resize, move, copy and delete the frame until it's where
you want it to be.

We use Scribus to lay out two weekly classified ad newspapers; they
include a lot of text as well as graphics for display ads and the like.

I also use Scribus to create the monthly flyer for my movie theatre.
You can see what it looks like by going here:


I create that flyer using Scribus and we then print 6000 copies of it on
paper with a Ryobi printing press (which looks something like this:
http://www.karlwilliamsinc.com/ryobi/ryobi3200pfaa.jpg ).

In short, you can indeed create your catalog with Scribus.  Note that if
it gets to be a very long and complex document, and depending on the
speed of your computer, you might want to break your catalog up into
sections of ten to thirty pages for performance reasons.  You can then
put the sections back together into a single PDF file for people to
download or read on CD's or whatever, or print your catalog on paper
using your regular computer printer, or give it to a professional print
shop for printing on a press.  Depending on your needs, if you have a
computer printer that can print 11x17 sheets of paper (we use a HP
Laserjet 5100) you can even print "double sheets" that you can fold and
staple into 8.5x11 booklets yourself.

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