[scribus] Imposition

Tom Lechner lechner at aceweb.com
Wed Oct 6 03:03:57 CEST 2010


On 10/05/2010 08:08:03 AM, Celso Junior wrote:
> And, of course, Foreedge printing ^_^

Definitely a fabulous and necessary feature! I would also like to have 
some kind of support for foreedge sculpting, maybe adaptible to 
something like a Craft Robo, or some other cnc machine.

> What can we do is simply try to join both ideas and get Laidout
> doing was easypose was capable of:
> Create Templates for imposition by Folding Pages


> Calculate the page sequence

Done (inherent in the template).

> Calculate the adjustments due paper thickness

Creep control needs more thought within the fabric of Laidout.. I think 
I can approximate when there are only horizontal or only vertical 
folds, but mixed h and v folds introduce much more complicated 
adjustments. I might implement a manual tinkering attribute, applied 
to a totally unfolded paper.. Perhaps in version .092. The 
only folding equipment I have to test with are my hands, though.

> Put custom printing control marks

Working on it. Haven't quite worked out a decent interface for such 
things yet, but hopefully there'll be something basically workable in 
version .091.

> Work as a workflow process, like recieving pdfs on a "HotFolder" 
> and processing them

This will be basically satisfied by Laidout's import function. I might 
implement special tags for when the ultimate need is to ONLY reimpose, 
and not to add more content. Then the original pdf and an imposition 
scheme can be easily fed into something like podofoimpose:

> And try a pdfengine solution different from pdflatex :P

It will be pretty easy to implement a podofoimpose plan file export, 
which supposedly works with any old pdf. This will definitely be a part 
of .091. Whether I can simultaneously add custom printer marks via
podofoimpose, I'll have to investigate.

Once I can get linked text boxes and master pages to link correctly in 
Laidout's Scribus import and export functions, imposition will happen 
basically ok for Scribus documents too.

> Count on me if you think it is necessary!

Any use cases or unusual issues you may have with imposioning might be 
good to know, though such discussion might be better on the Laidout 
mailing list: 

Bug finding is always useful, and there's a ton in Laidout still to be  
squashed before the next release!


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