[scribus] Imposition

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Sun Oct 3 22:21:19 CEST 2010

hi k.

> Can we vote on that?
> I think DTP goes a bit further than just placing content on page.
> Imposition is a fairly frequent request here, and I suspect a number
> of "average" users would be bamboozled by most of various options
> thrown at them.
> If Scribus could integrate it (maybe utilising podofo?) to make (some 
> peoples) life easier without creating issues why not?
> Maybe we can have a special "a.l.e. profile" to ensure it is hidden
> and disabled for elite power users :-?

no, i don't see it as a matter of being part of an elite of power

it's more about noticing that, for each feature added, a program gets
more complicated:

- more tabs
- more dialogs
- more buttons
- more code
- more bugs
- more complexity

at the end, it's the user that needs more time to learn how to use a
program. he has to learn exactly where  to click, in which order, on
which hidden button, to get even the simplest thing done. no chance to
understand why a program behaves the way it does.

i myself and i won't have any problem in finding the right button, use
it when it is useful, ignore it when it does not fit the job.

so: believe me, i really have nothing against imposition.

i just tend to prefer a separate application which works well
with scribus.
(as an example, it may be possible to choose a predefined imposition
plan in scribus, but not create it, probably not even apply it).

btw, i'm used to see people caring about simplicity, speaking against
bloat, being perceived like a snobbish elite...

yes, it's harder to say no to a feature than to implement it in a bad

have fun

p.s.: believe it or not: i do my imposition jobs with scribus or with
acroread. not with a script steering with some magic a hackers program
called ghostscript. and i plan to create a python script to impose a
booklet with scribus. running inside of scribus.

p.p.s.: yes, i would even would welcome the idea to split scribus in
three programs: one which gives low level access to .sla files, one
which offers a GUI tool to create .sla files and one which lets you
create PDFs (and maybe other formats: is it really necessary?) out
of .sla files. yes, i'm dreaming.

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