[scribus] pxd/x3 export : apparently contains RGB images

eric hanuise ehanuise at fantasybel.net
Fri Oct 1 16:28:42 CEST 2010

On 01/10/10 16:32, Christoph Schäfer wrote:
> On Friday 01 October 2010 12:30:15 eric hanuise wrote:
>> Hi all.
>> I've exported a PDF as pdf/x3 using isocoated v2 ICC profile.
>> It contains several png images, which are rgb.
>> As I understand it, the pdf exported by scribus should be cmyk only, and
>> the images converted to cmyk during pdf generation.
>> however, the printer came back to me and told me the pdf contained RGB
>> images.
>> Have I misunderstood the ability of scribus to convert everything to
>> cmyk on pdf export, or is there some setting I missed ?
> Yes, this seems to be a misunderstanding, and to be honest, it's quite common
> even among commercial printers. The PDF/X-3 standard explictly permits RGB
> imgaes (plus a colour profile) to be included in a PDF, which is one of its
> biggest advantages. In other words: Scribus adheres to the standard :)

Thanks, bu this does not reply my question :) pdf/x3 is in fact 
irrelevant here.
The printer requests cmyk only pdf's, with no rgb images inside it.
How can I provide that to him ?

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