[scribus] Scribus update required

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Fri Oct 1 12:25:45 CEST 2010

> btw, the biggest problem with using scribus for doing imposition, is
> that pdf import is still an experimental feature.

Yes, but as far as I understand the goal is to have a working PDF
placement, so it should get better over time.

> and i'm still convinced that a solution using podofo is a much better
> idea than bloating scribus with new tasks.

The point is that some kinds of impositions are easier to make
"grahically", i.e. make a dokument and place numbered frames where
wanted. And that's something that is easily done in Scribus.

Also, in some (although very rare) cases, you might want to add or
change something after impositioning has been done. That is a lot
easier to do in a Scribus document than in a PDF from a podofo-based

There was a project named something like EzPose a while ago but I think it died?

And my suggested solution would not need much additions to Scribus
(just a little improved PDF embedding support). The templates and
scripts used could be separately distributed. And of course there is
nothing preventing a podofo-based solution to use the Scribus
imposition templates for doing impositions.


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