[scribus] Spaces between words

John Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Tue Nov 30 01:56:50 CET 2010

On Sunday 28 November 2010 15:04:59 Christoph Schäfer wrote:
> On Sunday 28 November 2010 20:04:54 L Macintyre wrote:
> > I have imported a Word file successfully into a Scribus text
> > frame, but the justification disappears on the right hand side.
> > If I restore it through the Properties file I am left with large
> > gaps between words in the last lines of paragraphs, where there
> > are not sufficient words to achieve double justification. The
> > last line may only have eight words in it, yet they are stretched
> > across the double justification. How do I correct this?
> >
> > My main use of Scribus will be to edit a 20 chapter novel
> > imported from Word. Has anyone a list of steps or general
> > guidance to offer me?
> >
> > Grateful thanks from snowy Scotland.
> There two options for justified text, and it seems you selected
> "forced justified". Use "justified" instead, which is the button to
> the left of "forced justified".
> Christoph

The safest course is to save the Word file as text and import that. Let 
Scribus do the justification.  
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