[scribus] What kind of file can I edit in Scibus

Michael P pancoma at gmail.com
Wed Nov 24 02:52:21 CET 2010

Hi there. I'm brand new to Both Scribus and desktop publishing. (so
I apologize for the newbie Questions)
My question/ situation is this: I have a newsletter layout thats essentially
ready for printing in a MS .pub file format. I got reading as far as finding
out Scribus doesn't, and likely will never be compatible with these files,
however, Ive found some nifty online file converters which as far as I can
see, work pretty good with perhaps no big strings attached.

I managed to convert it to a number of different formats, including Open
office draw and even a .tiff file. Still though Scribus doesn't seem to want
to open either of the files. I'm sure I'm not doing this right.

Essentially I would like to make these files editable in Scribus and save
them in a format that they can be continually edited and updated using
Scribus so that we no longer have to worry about proprietary software (like
MS pub.)

All I really need to edit in the files are some text (updating a few dates)
as well as perhaps adding or moving an image or two. Any suggestions would
be greatly appreciated. In the meantime Ill start by checking out some
tutorials and getting started with what looks to be a very powerful (a bit
intimidating) program.
Thanks again
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