[scribus] [off topic] Jonatas Jacob invited you to Dropbox

Tom Emerson starman9x at gmail.com
Tue Nov 23 18:02:45 CET 2010

Not knowing Jonatas (or you, for that matter) at all, I would hold off
on damning him to the nether region unless this were a second or third
offense (granted, I haven't monitored this message board all that long
to know if this is the case).  Yes, this is probably due to him
signing up to Dropbox and falling for the "give us access to your
e-mail so we can spam all your friends if you click this 'yes' link"
deal, but you should realize that computers (and to some extent,
programmers and users) "aren't that smart", and will blindly send out
this "invite" to every recipient, even if it is clear to most "humans"
that the "recipient" will likely take offense to such and offer (i.e.,
an entire list such as this)

OTOH, I much prefer that people use a proper "file-sharing"
server/service and send links to files rather than "expect me to
enjoy" the fact they've included the item itself in the message  (or,
as I usually state it, "e-mail is not a valid file transfer

[and we could go on about HTML formatting of e-mail, but I've already
give up on that for the most part]

On Tue, Nov 23, 2010 at 6:40 AM, Dan White <ygor at comcast.net> wrote:
> Not at all cool, dude.
> ----- Dropbox <no-reply at dropboxmail.com> wrote:
> > Jonatas Jacob wants you to use Dropbox to sync and share files online and across computers.

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