[scribus] Strange clipping in printing

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Sun Nov 21 01:56:15 CET 2010

hi letage

> I've just created a 2 page document with nine small images on the
> second page, most of them rotated to differnet angles. The images
> appear fine on screen, including in print preview but when I actually
> print them four of them get two corners each cropped off. This isn't
> a page margin issue because the cropping is occurring on interior
> corners and well away from the edges, There's also no other image,
> text box or object overlapping with them. Anyone any ideas how to
> stop this happening? (Bizzarely (to me) the images print fine if I
> save the document as .pdf and print that (they're just not such good
> quality colour))

as john said, use pdf if that works...

and for the bad quality of the color in the pdf, you probably have
setting somewhere which is wrong: hard to tell more with as few details.
(conversion from rgb to cmyk? wrong color profile? bad settings on the


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