[scribus] Feedback - on File Size Reduction.

Julian Robbins julian.robbins at q-par.com
Thu Nov 18 16:28:07 CET 2010

> I picked-up reference to a file size reduction method on the list here
> and was pointed to it on the Scribus Wiki. It uses pdftops and ps2pdf13
> as the way to reduce the size of the file of Web or eMail documents. The
> link is
> http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/Reduce_the_size_of_Scribus_generated_PDFs
> It works like a charm!!! My file sizes are now all down around 1.5Mb and
> the only changes I see are the odd font change which maybe due to not
> embedding some fonts on my side. I will fine-tune this as we go on. But
> a reduction of 75% in the finished size with no noticable loss in
> quality is amazing!! IMHO this should be an option in Scribus itself!!
> So bottom line - if you don't need the "High Definition" PDF File for a
> printer and are only producing documents for the Web or distribution via
> eMail - GIVE THIS A TRY.

The original compress-newsletter script that a poster mentioned on here 
many many years back, I've been successfully using since about 2006. I 
think I added the initial wiki page about the script as I felt it was an 
oft queried subject that needed something written up where people could 
find it.

The other little known fact about that script is that it makes a Scribus 
derived PDF indexable, ie text is properly formatted and the words are 
forms correctly after parsing with the script. This helps with PDf's 
indexability on a website for example.

Whether it should be included in Scribus itself is another matter. It 
doesnt have to be, but for Windows users in particular, running scripts 
is pretty alien, and installing psutils etc, and amending the script not 
an easy job. So an inbuilt mean to compress PDF files may be useful in 
that context as an option ...

Kind Regards,

Julian Robbins

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