[scribus] Resize

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Nov 17 08:00:49 CET 2010


> > If I start a project in "letter" size, can I somehow simply resize
> > it if I
> > need a smaller card stock size?
> Actually, you can, at least in 1.3.9svn (don't have on this 
> machine).
> Go to File > Document Setup, make your change, then check the box for 
> Apply Settings to:  All Document Pages. Click Apply at the bottom.
> Your content will not be resized.

actually, scribus is not that far to being able to do it.

- you can shrink a an image or a text frame's content by holding down the alt+ctrl keys when resizing its frame

- you can shrink a group

- what we're missing is to enable the content scaling also when several items are selected (or a group is selected).

it still wouldn't allow an automatic scaling of the page and i would never suggest it as a "good way of doing"... but why not implement it?


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