[scribus] Problem with page numbers, new problem with table

matti.huomanen at saunalahti.fi matti.huomanen at saunalahti.fi
Tue Nov 16 22:37:10 CET 2010

ungrouping made the table lines visible. I could add text into individual boxes
but not after grouping the cells again.

So my problem is solved, at least I can cope with this solution.


Gregory Pittman [gregp_ky at yahoo.com] kirjoitti: 
> On 11/15/2010 04:12 PM, matti.huomanen at saunalahti.fi wrote:
> > Correction to my previous mail, I've learned how to make boarders
> > visible for an individual cell but how to do it for the whole table in
> > one go? How to select all the cells for editing?
> This may be a bug, but it seems more like something that doesn't work in 
> a sensible way.
> Here are some phenomena that I see, which may be useful to you:
> 1. When you first create a table, you create a group of frames. You 
> cannot assign a Line color (the secret sauce of making borders of any 
> frame show), so you cannot make the borders show.
> 2. If you ungroup the table, you can assign a color (life is good!)
> 3. If you then select an individual frame, you have entered mondo 
> bizarro, in which the interaction of the internal borders with each 
> other becomes unexpected (change color or line style of one cell, for 
> example).
> 4. There is some possibility of resurrection by selecting all the cells, 
> then grouping and ungrouping. YMMV, but worth a try.
> So, it's probably worth a bug report, but this leads to 3 questions: a) 
> what is supposed to happen? b) what is going wrong? and c) what would be 
> a desirable behavior?
> Greg
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Matti Huomanen

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