[scribus] newbie queries

John Jason Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Mon Nov 15 19:11:28 CET 2010

On Mon, 15 Nov 2010 09:27:28 -0500
Jerry Halberstadt <subscriber at newtechpub.com> dijo:

>Please indulge me, I am trying to figure out these problems with
>online documentation. The answers are probably there.

I can sympathize. I am probably the world's worst searcher. I recommend
the paper manual that you can get on Amazon. For a long time I used
Scribus without it because I am using 1.3.8 and the manual was really
written for But I bought it about a month ago and it is a
gold mine of information besides just how to use Scribus. And (for me
at least) it's a lot easier to find things in a real book than a web

I also want to suggest that you try out 1.3.8. It is not recommended to
use it for production work, but I completed a 120 page student workbook
with an even earlier version and it was very stable. Version 1.3.9 is
imminent, and the final stable release of 1.4 is likely to be early
next year, so it is almost there. Jut bear in mind that 1.3.8+ can open files, but not the other way around. And since 1.3.8+ has
autosave turned on by default, it might overwrite your file,
so make a copy before opening it in 1.3.8+.

And welcome to Scribus!

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