[scribus] newbie queries

Jerry Halberstadt subscriber at newtechpub.com
Mon Nov 15 15:27:28 CET 2010

Please indulge me, I am trying to figure out these problems with online 
documentation. The answers are probably there...

I am using Scribus; did NOT install Ghost but that has not been 
an issue. (Windows XP, SP3)

Anyhow I just plunged in to do a dummy of a ~50-page book, ~25 photos + 
text. Here is the short list of issues I haven't solved:

1	Every element is on the "background" layer. So, how do I create a 
master page for page numbering? How do I create a layer under or behind 
a text page--say for a background illustration? And probably easy on a 
master page to install some non-printing guides...

2	How do I kern a pair of characters? I tried following the instructions 
but must be missing something, or is that done differently in this version?

3	None of the text frames is linked to another. How can I export all the 
text to a file?

I'd be happy with a reference to the online docs for each issue. THANKS!

Background: I have used FrameMaker for years for self-help medical 
handbooks--long books with lots of illustrations, cross-references, 
index, etc. and for lots of shorter materials that required frequent 
updates and revisions. However, doing a short children's book is a 
nightmare: illustrations load very slowly, hard to rearrange things and 
have a flexible layout. InDesign might be great but it is more $ than I 
can spend now.

Scribus is a real pleasure! But you knew that already. Only issue of 
concern when it might come to sending PDF files to a printer: a lot of 
printers claim that only Adobe PDF is supported. But not a worry for me 

All the best,

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