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On Thursday 04 November 2010 10:13:44 Berthold Otzisk wrote:
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>    Name: Berthold Otzisk
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>    Subject: Different Scribus versions for MAC and Windows
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> Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
> I am using Scribus-Version from 11th of August 2009 on my
> Apple Macbook Pro. On my Windows computer the Scribus-Version
> from 27th of January 2010 is installed.
> It is not possible to share the same file in both versions. The
> Windows installation cannot read the higher version. How can I
> share files in both directions ?
> Best regards,
> Berthold Otzisk
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>      Type: Windows
>      Version: WinXP
>      CPU type: 32bit (Intel/AMD - i386)
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You can't, at least not directly. The series 1.3.3.x has one internal 
file format and the later series 1.3.5 through 1.3.8 et seq. has 
another. The versions in this latter series can interpret earlier files 
but the earlier 1.3.3.x versions are not able to see into the future 
and interpret the later file format. 

The simplest way out of this dilemma is to upgrade both machines to 
e.g., 1.3.8, the "best" of that series to date. All your earlier files 
can be read on 1.3.8. And by using one version on both computers you 
won't need to mentally "shift gears" when going from one to the other.

There are other ways to go back and forth between one file format and 
the other via the clipboard but they are clumsy compared to 
standardizing on the later file format. 
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