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  Subject: Scribus & VioVio - PDF settings
 trying to create a photobook using Scribus and then uploading the PDF 
to VioVio.  For some reason, VioVio does not like PDF's created by 
Scribus.  They recommend printing the Scribus document to Adobe Acrobat 
and let Adobe create the PDF since it's somehow more friendly to their 
printer.  When I create the PDF via Scribus (using the Export feature), 
the photos in the PDF look great, even after the downsampling to 
300dpi.  However, when Adobe creates the PDF (via Scribus Print 
command), the colors of the photos are muted.  In other words, the 
colors looked faded, especially the greens, which look more brown-ish 
than green.  Does anyone have an idea what is causing this?  Does it 
have to do with the color management in Scribus?

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I am wondering if you have done anything to reduce the size of your PDF files before uploading them to VioVio.  I am preparing a photo book for VioVio and while it is not complete, I printed a draft (in a smaller "booklet" format) at Staples of Office Depot (cannot remember which) and it turned out great. However, before trying to print ANY document I create with Scribus, I ALWAYS use the script "compressnewsletter.pl" which can be found at: http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/Web_optimised_PDF

If you have not done something like this, I suspect that the problem with VioVio is that the files are far too large. I find that using compressnewsletter.pl usually reduces the file size by a factor of ten or more and I have been unable to visually detect any degradation in quality.

If you have not compressed your files in this manner, please try to do so. I would be most interested in hearing if that cures your problem, as I hope to complete my book soon (it will be about 150 pages).


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