[scribus] spoft text shadow

Ray Chandler chandler3 at ukf.net
Sun May 23 18:12:53 CEST 2010

Soft-shadow text is a very useful option, and it would be great if Scribus could include it easily from within Scribus itself. 
Talk of transforming text elsewhere, manipulating paths, exporting as svg, etc, is far too techie for folk like me. Pathetic, I know, but I'm a writer/sub-editor, not a computer pro, and I need the features I use (or would like to use) to be available straightforwardly from the application's own facilities. 
Soft text shadow would be a very welcome addition.



Jean-Luc Waber wrote:

> you can also try to transform the text to a path in inkscape before
> exporting to standards SVG...
The shadow is one of the features not exported to scribus.
But it helps anyway. I make two frames with the same text, the first as 
suggested transformed to path and export as svg -  works perfectly.  The 
second one (shadow) with blur (Unsch?rfe) and then export as bitmap.

If I export a text as bitmap with 300dpi I can still see the "stairs" in 
the text when zooming, can I be sure it won't be seen in printing?

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