[scribus] Experience/Input on Scribus SLA use with Velocity?

Bruce Thomason bthomason at cybermetrix.com
Wed May 19 21:53:13 CEST 2010

Summary: Can Scribus output (.sla) be used with Velocity in a batch process
to produce PDF?
Background: My goal is to be able to produce a very nicely formatted report
with dynamic content (derived from an external source) via a batch process.
I am considering a tool chain that involves Velocity and am wondering if
Scribus is a suitable template design tool for this process.
1. Is anyone aware of whether (or not) Scribus can be used to produce a
template with embedded Velocity VTL? [I am ok w/ hand tweaks to .sla if
necessary to add VTL, but ideally would avoid that.]
2. If so, any known references or experiences to share or issues to look out
for or consider prior to undertaking this?
3. Is sla2pdf the best (or only?) option to produce a PDF from .sla using a
command line (batch) process?
4. Any other suggestions, techniques to offer (whether using Scribus or
PS - Apologies if this was a "dumb" question...am new to scribus...I
searched back a ways in archives and did not see this addressed...
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