[scribus] Window Colour

TSH tsh.gmane at miserableoldgit.me.uk
Tue May 18 13:04:28 CEST 2010

I recently upgraded my operating system from Ubuntu Hardy to Studio 
Lucid, and have spend a while configuring things to how I want them.

One thing I can't do is make Scribus pick up the system window 
colour that I've set. This wasn't a problem in Hardy, and I also find 
that Scribus 1.3.6svn gets the colour right (but I'd rather stick to the 
stable version for now).

It's a very small problem, but it makes Scribus look like an alien on my 
desktop. I affects the colour of the main GUI window, the canvas 
background, sub-windows, properties palette, menus, etc. Is there a 
setting I can add to a configuration file, or something else I can do to 
to change the window colour of Scribus?

Stewart H.

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