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Thu May 13 16:13:24 CEST 2010

On Thu, 13 May 2010 15:06:59 +0200, jujulj wrote:

> That looks easier! How can you specify the order of the page on the
> layout? It seems that I can only set the number of pages per sides. I
> 've got Evince version 2.22.2...
I'm using 2.30, which had has a drop-down list so that you can choose the 
order that you need: on the 'Page Setup' tab, choose the number in the 
'Pages per side:' option, and if this is greater than 1, the option box 
below it, 'Page ordering:' will become active, and you can choose your 

However, thinking about it, this may not give you the results you want. 
So, alternatively, you could try experimenting with the settings under 
'Range' on the General tab. You still need to set the number of pages per 
side, but then, under 'Range' select 'Pages:', and try entering relevant 
page numbers, separated by a comma. So, for example, set 4 pages per 
side, then select 'Pages:' under Range, and enter 4,1,4,1

You may need to experiment a bit. Also, in my experience, the Print 
Preview doesn't always show the same as the actual output - choose 'Print 
to File', which can output to a PDF if you don't want to waste paper on 

Stewart H.

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