[scribus] Print problem

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Thu May 13 15:10:35 CEST 2010

On 05/13/2010 07:20 AM, Ray Chandler wrote:
> Scribus on Ubuntu 10.4.  Everything OK until I sent a job to print - locally connected printer which works fine from any other
> application. If I try to print directly from Scribus the print progress
> bar gets to about 50% and then the package freezes. If I export the job
> to pdf I can print from that with no problem, but when I don't otherwise need a pdf it would be handy to print straight from the Scribus job.
> Any ideas how to fix this?

On Fedora, I often need to use Alternative Print Command, so you might 
try that.

example: 'lpr -Pmyprinter'

without the quotes, with or without a space between -P and the printer name.

This is fairly longstanding problem with Fedora, and seems to affect 
only Scribus, suggesting that somehow Scribus isn't interacting with 
CUPS the way other programs are.


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