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Thu May 13 14:15:45 CEST 2010

On Thu, 13 May 2010 13:16:14 +0200, jujulj wrote:

> hi,
> I'd like to create a 4 pages A6 booklet. I would like to be able to
> print 2 on a A4 sheet as follow
> on one side:
> 4 1
> 4 1
> on the other side:
> 2 3
> 2 3
> so that I'd just have to cut the sheet in the middle and fold each half
> to get my 2 booklets.
> I'm very new to Scribus. What document should I create to do that? How
> can I print it?
> Any help or pointer to tutorial for this specific task welcome!

Hi Julien,

I don't know if Scribus can do that directly - someone will probably be 
along soon to tell you if it can - but I use the output of my PDF viewer 
to do something similar.

I use the Evince PDF viewer on a Linux system, so your options may be 
different, but I make a normal A4 size PDF from Scribus, open that with 
Evince, and then go File -> Print. On the 'Page Setup' tab, I can chose 
how many pages get printed per side of A4, the order they print in, the 
orientation of the paper, etc. Hit 'Print Preview' to check what the 
output will be. I can then print this directly to paper, or make another 
PDF of that output (Print To File in the 'General' tab), which makes it 
easy for repeated use or distribution.

Stewart H.

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