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Dai wrote:
> Compiling is not good enough. Linux is still in the dark ages. One
> thing
> you have to give windows credit for is, the ability to just grab a
> program and just install it. I'd like Linux to have the same sort of
> capability in Linux, not just one distro but, all distro's. Linux
> always
> talks about freedom but, it's freedom for developers not users. User
> freedom is usually restricted in some way. One way being the
> repository
> for example LTS Ubuntu try getting the newer version of programs
> back
> ported it doesn't happen. That's just one example there are many
> more.

One of the glories of Linux is the range of choices. That includes
choices in distros. With so many choices, we have to deal with
differences as well: differences in what libraries are included,
what kernel version is running, how packages are managed, how the
desktop environment works, and much more. This means
one-size-fits-all installations don't work very well, which is why
there aren't many programs packaged this way for Linux. Making
something that works for all of them is unrealistic.

I doubt many real Linux users (not just dabblers) would want to
sacrifice our freedom of choice for the sake of universal
installers. Yet this is what would have to happen.

Many distros have large repositories with packages that are
extremely easy to install. Compiling a program that is not in the
repo is often very easy. It's a small price to pay for the freedom
of using a distro and a desktop environment that suits your needs
and preferences--especially given the price (ZERO) of most
applications. Plus, why not learn something? It's good for mind and
--Judy M.

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