[scribus] Something similar to bleeds, but without duplicated areas

Christoph Bloch christoph at webrahmen.ch
Sat May 1 12:40:40 CEST 2010

>>> I have only just written a python module for imposing. It is really meant
>>> for
>>> producing numbered tickets, but can be used to impose image files on any
>>> size
>>> of paper. If you know python, this may be helpful for you
>> Thank you. But I suppose I did not express myself clearly enough: I don't
>> want to place image files on pages, but I have A3 sla-Files that should be
>> output to pdf for printing on two A4 pages each by cutting them into
>> halves. This can be accomplished by changing A3/landscape to A4/portrait
>> and inserting a second (A4) page. Like this, one A3 page becomes two A4
>> pages (everything same size as before); they can be glued together by the
>> user if he likes. But then there is some loss (printer margins) where
>> Scribus cuts the original A3 page apart.
>> Solution a: bleeds (not so pretty because there are duplicated areas).
>> Solution b: still wanted :-)
> did you have a look at the two links i've sent a few days ago?
> ciao
> a.l.e
Ah yes, sorry for not replying. Both programs seem to work on raster 
images. I, however, would like to "simply" split the Scribus A3 pages 
when exporting them to pdf (as two-pages A4 documents). Text would 
remain text instead of being rasterised. I was wondering if there were 
some settings in Scribus that would allow me to do this.

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