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Mike Sleger chappa-ai at msn.com
Tue Mar 30 18:13:30 CEST 2010

I'm using, as it seemed to be the latest Windows release (alas, yes, I am still doing DTP on a pc instead of a mac...)

I've been to the bugs.scribus.net page and filing a bug is not self-explanatory.  There's no obvious link to Submit Bug or something like that.  I see "Main", "My View", "View Issues", "Change Log", and "Roadmap".  I've signed up for a new account yesterday, but have yet to receive a message with password information for logging in (to see whether a submit option is available only if logged in).  Needing to reopen the document each time I rename a shape for it to reflect in Outline is awkward.  It would also be nice if multiple shapes could be selected in Outline by holding the shift or ctrl key (is this the correct venue for suggestions?).

When asking about mouse pointer changing on window borders, I meant "window" borders, not "frame" borders.  Yes, I realize the frame handles are for resizing.  I'm referring to the resizing of windows (Properties, Outline, Layers, etc).  "Standard" Windows behavior is for the mouse pointer to change when over the edge of window decorations to indicate the window can be resized rather than restricted to a fixed size.

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  hi mike,
  > Thanks.  alt+click and ctrl+click isn't working.

  just tried out for you: on my mac (with it is apple+click

  > Outline is nice, but renamed shapes aren't listed (I drilled down each object path) until after I reopen the document.  The outline doesn't seem to be getting refreshed when shape names are changed (reopening Outline doesn't show the new names).

  which version? if 1.3.6, please fill a bug!

  >   Also, clicking "Page 1", then "Normal", then back to "Page 1" caused a crash that I now can't reproduce again for the exact error message.

  well, that's life :-) i have no solution for this right now...

  > Was it intentional to not have the mouse pointer change when hovering over a window border to indicate window resizing?

  yes, beacause you can't resize when over a frame border. when you're on 
  the square handles, the pointer should change


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