[scribus] PDF error "An error exists on this page"

Marco Boeringa marco at boeringa.demon.nl
Tue Mar 30 10:59:44 CEST 2010

Ok, I now had a slightly closer look at the issue. One thing that I have 
now noticed is that the issue with Adobe Reader generating the "An error 
exist on this page" message seems to go away when I choose "Compress 
Text and Vector Graphics" (Image compression set to Maximum quality and 
Compression method to Automatic). When the error does occur, sometimes, 
but not always, the document is not displayed properly in Adobe Reader. 
But even when it is properly displayed, the error may pop-up as soon as 
you either start scrolling the document back and forth, or consistently 
when I try to print the document. After printing has finished (Adobe 
Reader progress dialog closed, print job send to printer that starts to 
print), the message pops up.

I still find it strange that an only slightly different version (just 
some minor changes to vector graphics), didn't cause issues. But maybe 
the compression removes a minor fault in one of the vector grahics? But 
that still baffles me, because I also one-by-one removed all the new 
graphics and tried exporting to PDF to see if that would solve the issue 
at some point. But that didn't help. Only the Compress option now seems 
to give a solution.

Adobe Reader version is 9.3.1 by the way on Win XP SP3, and I export to 
PDF 1.5 as there is some use of transparencies.


On 25-3-2010 21:46, Marco Boeringa wrote:
> Yes, I did embed the fonts, but that didn't cause such an error 
> message before. I will have a closer look at some of the new elements 
> I added to try and figure out what is wrong.
> Marco
> On 25-3-2010 14:34, Gregory Pittman wrote:
>> On 03/25/2010 09:11 AM, Marco Boeringa wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I am using the stable release of Scribus on Windows XP SP3.
>>> I recently made some adjustments to a Scribus document and exported it
>>> to PDF. No problems saving or opening the *.sla file in Scribus, and 
>>> the
>>> Prelight Verifier did not return any issues (at least not for the PDF
>>> 1.5 format, I do have some transparencies).
>>> When I tried to print the document, after having it printed and closing
>>> the print dialog in Adobe Reader, Adobe Reader returned an "an error
>>> exists on this page" warning, including a message that some elements
>>> might not be displayed correctly (all did).
>>> I haven't had this before with previous versions of the Scribus 
>>> document
>>> and exported PDF's, but it seems a quite common error with PDF 
>>> documents
>>> when I Google for the error, but little clue's as to how to solve it.
>>> How do I find out what is wrong with the Scribus document? Any good way
>>> to find a problematic "object" in Scribus (except Preflight Verifier,
>>> which didn't turn up anything)?
>> Did you embed your fonts? This could be the source of such a message.
>> Greg
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